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S.S. Pevach Ventures Ltd. began in June of 2001 starting with two directors, President Shawn Pevach and Secretary Sonia Pevach. With the purchase of one steamer truck, in September 2001, business was under way.

Leasing a one ton steamer the first winter kept the company very busy and offered new challenges. Within the next year, two more steamers were purchased and run until 2005. That year brought on the sale of two steamers and the beginning of Scorpion Steam and Hot Shot Services, which diversified the company and opened new doors.

Now with three 1 tons, four picker trucks (6 ton to 40 ton), one deck truck, one steamer and multiple trailers (from a skid steer trailer up to a 53 ft car hauler), Scorpion Industries has expanded to the point where we can haul almost everything within the oilfield, forestry and mining industries, as well as anything in between! If you require special equipment - contact us. We will get you what you need. We have ten trucks and are growing to suit your needs.

Scorpion Industries has a main clientele base within Alberta and Saskatchewan, but has traveled into the U.S. and throughout Canada.

Scorpion Industries is COR certified and pro rated with WCB. Scorpion has obtained Master Service Agreements with most major oil companies, as well as contracts for full time work. We are proudly based in Bonnyville, Alberta and Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan and are very proud to support the communities in which we reside.

Scorpion Industries is pleased to be able to say "we are still growing"! If we don't have it, we will get it to suit your needs.

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 5 Ton Picker Truck